Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These days

I just sprung up from my seat at the rehab center where I work because I suddenly felt so grateful and happy that I wanted to share. I am the worst and never blog, even though I want to have these memories of this time documented...I'm lazy at best. But tonight, I will, even though it's odd timing I feel the need.

I am so grateful for my life. The election tonight made me think of how everyone was saying "another four years of this?!" and I thought about the last four years and what they have meant to me. I am NOT POLITICAL at all, and this has nothing to do with the president, but the last four years for me have been pretty freaking kick ass. I fell in love with my greatest support and love of my life, I grew in relationships with my family, I became a professional and freaking GREW UP. Everything seems so amplified right now because I'm starting this new job and I have super high highs and super low lows and I cry at least 4-5 times a week (unexaggerated). But it's pretty awesome because it makes me think how much I need the people in my life and how blessed I am to be in this position.

I love my mom. I just saw her cute little posts on pinterest and I thought how cute she is, and how she told me tonight "I think about you all the time when you're at work!" and how nice that is that she cares about me. I love Amy, and Kate, and how they're my best friends and how I can always just hang out with them. And I feel motivated to always be so kind to them because they are so good to me. I love Matty, for all the smart things in his head and his idealism and his big brother talks. I find I miss him when I don't see him for a day or two. I love my Anderson family, what good friends they are and how I feel so loved in their homes. When I heard I'm working Christmas one of the first things I thought was "I'll be ok, Hollie will make a big deal out of it and make my Christmas good."

I am so in love and dependent on Josh and I had no idea when I married him how much I would need him and how much his love would change my life. So cheesy! But like I said I cry a lot lately and this is making me tear up. He is my best best friend and I look to him for everything. I'm so glad he's so willing to give.

This might have been better in a journal entry, in retrospect. Oh well, who reads this junk anyway? I know I sound like everyone else, usually these posts annoy me, and if it annoys you I totally understand.

Back to work.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of Jew lie

The day was a success. I ran in the Freedom festival 10K with Matt and Katie and the whole Corrigan fam in the morning. Always a good time. Then I grocery shopped for the first time in months (once again trying to be better in our new apartment) and bought the fixins for an epic flag cake (photos below). Sometimes I am real ambitious with my baking and try something spectacular, which can lead me to epic disappointment and regret. This cake was almost one of these times. While it was baking, I looked in to find it completely unset and spilling over the sides, creating a mini forest fire in our apartment. The smoke detector started screaming and we rushed to open all windows and door and start the fan. In our frantic-ness, Josh stopped and hugged me and told me it was ok and that he was sorry. He knows this scene well. Lucky for my self-esteem, the cake just took 10 more minutes to set up and actually worked. Phew.
We met up with the Anderson's and Bulkley's and had a fourth of July/ Deb Deb's birthday celebration all afternoon with swimming and food and presents. When it got dark Chase and his friends gave us a light show to remember as I worried constantly that a small child was going to get their hand blown off. Josh said I'm such a mom. aka boring. boo.
this is what we looked like yesterday

after the race. this wasn't even the best photo, I just enjoy Indie pulling Kate's hair
with the Bulkley's. Pri pri was less than cooperative

Indie is a good poser. We have about 10 similar pictures at her request
Mocha had just smooched them
the infamous cake. yeah I'm wearing boy shorts and I'm not happy about them

4th of July Princess
 Happy summer everyone

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new apartment

Sunday was the husband and I's first anniversary. A whole year! It went so quick. It feels like an accomplishment even though we just lived life and it wasn't very hard. I think we passed the first year test with ease.
The anniversary felt extra exciting because we moved into a new apartment on the 30th. So we awoke to the first day of our second year of marriage in a brand new, clean, happy, open, non-attic apartment with a washer and dryer and a dishwasher and a cute lil mailbox and vaulted lighting and room for our kitchen table. Josh lovingly says "it finally feels like a home! Now I know why we were so unhappy for a year!" to which I raise my eyebrows and frown because I had no idea we were unhappy to which he laughs and hugs me and says it was a joke. Gotta keep my eyes on that one.

New apartment really is a real home. It gives me motivation to get off my butt and do all the things I've been neglecting. Like flossing. And decorating. And looking for a nursing job. And finally writing those last thank you notes from the wedding (that's embarrassing). And (obviously) blogging. Old apartment was fine with me being a recluse who watched 3+ Malcom in the Middle episodes every morning in my pajamas while eating Honeycomb or an equally sugary cereal. But new apartment is so much more. For instance, I was doing laundry this morning when I noticed my tummy rumbling. I remembered we had wedding cake (as tradition goes we ate some on our anniversary and the rest was still in the fridge). I pulled it out and sat down with it in my lap, my fork poised to dig in and eat the rest of it in its entirety. But then I looked at these beautiful walls, and felt the cool breeze from the air-conditioner, and heard the fully-functioning dryer working diligently, and I remembered it was 8:30 am and put the fork down. Oatmeal is a better choice.

New apartment expects more of me. I'm gonna try to not let her down.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A few poetic gems

Josh has brought out the songwriter in me. Whenever we're alone we'll start humming, then he'll start beat boxing, then we'll dance and start spitting some ill rhymes that are ridiculous and would be ever so embarrassing if anyone ever heard them. Have you heard the rap he wrote for me for my birthday? Entitled: Kri$ali$. 

I'm here with my friend, her name is Kristi. 
A week since the picnic, I'm sure she's missed me. 
It seems just like yesterday we were hanging out and playing games
But everything just seems to change, Yo
That's how it goes

She's so sweet, we call her Krispy Kreme
She's so bright, a light shining beam
You're so pretty, you make the girls jealous
This here Josh, has to fight off all the fellas

Kristi, Krisalis, she doesn't even know how cool she is
Kristi, Krispy Kreme, she likes how I groove and how I lean

We all freak out when you come to our home (Hey Kristi!)
That's why we decided to write you this poem
Sunday dinner comes around, and there's family all around, you still take time to talk to me
In the summer in our town we'll go swimming won't let you drown, \
Chips and soda we will pound, and some orange juice possibly. 
YTB, you're the best, when you leave we get depressed
K to the R, I to the S, it's someone's party can you guess?

Kristi, Krisalis, she doesn't even know how cool she is
Kristi, Krispy Kreme, she likes how I groove and how I lean

We've been so busy lately, hence the lack of blogging for months. One night not so long ago we were both studying hard and I glanced up to see him passed out on the ground, too tired to keep going. He had worked 6 hours that day and then gone to school, and had been doing homework ever since. And suddenly I felt so poetic and scribbled down my first ever poem. 

My first ever poem for you
you're lying on the ground right now looking so tired
probably worried about school and not getting fired
you're such a sleepy mouse cause you worked so hard
you even ran to the bus to work off some booty-lard
Joshy oh joshy now it's time to sleep
I can't wait to cuddle you and play with your bare feet
I'm so glad you're mine, without you I'd be so glum
I love you forever, from your Bieber hair down to your tiny bum.

I shook him awake and led him to our bed and the hum of his slight-snore told me he was asleep for good. We are so busy, but that's just how life is.  But through it all we'll have our silly songs to keep us upbeat.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm trying to be a good wife so I was cleaning away and I got to the kitchen and I thought,
"I'm feeling super ambitious and maybe I'll even deep clean, hmmm, I'll start by pulling out the oven"

(covers mouth with hand)

This is what I found

dry heave

I have a feeling this is why our apartment sorta reeks.
Can you imagine the years it's been like this? The sicknesses it's caused? When Provo was founded I bet this apartment used to be a horse stall and before letting civilized human beings live it in they didn't even bother cleaning it up. I've been sleeping in the next room for two months and this grim and utter filth has been just sitting there!!! The horror!
Interesting objects found in the pile:
* a toy car
* a child's toothbrush
* a handful of M&Ms
*a garlic clove
* a crayon
* fruit snacks
* a tomato slice

An hour and a half later it looked like this

And then I puked (joke). Just one of the joys of living in rat infested Provo. gross. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home alone again.

Just got a little bit electrocuted by the hair-dryer spontaneously combusting on me.
 Instead of leaving this life by simply shutting off, instead it felt the need to spark brighter than the sun in my hands and go from 0-5 million degrees in .2 seconds and transform into a heap of burnt rubber and plastic on my bathroom floor.

What a drama queen.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anxiety will be the death of me

This is not true. I would be very scared to have me taking care of you.


Yuck. Great things about clinicals:
1) Nurses.  I am entering the nursing field these days because I have a burning desire to not be such a meanie as it seems 95% of the nurses I get paired with are. When I meet nice, NORMAL, kind people in every day life and they tell me they're a nurse I skeptically ask them again. Are you sure you're a nurse? Cause you aare pretty nice and haven't looked at me like I'm the scum of the earth and we met a whole 5 minutes ago.

2) Clinicals are a great way to show everyone how dumb you are. If ever I feel like I'm getting the hang of things, I  volunteer to get my nurse some IV tubing, and after frantically searching and staring at the supply wall for 10 painful minutes and still not being able to spot it, she then she walks in and grabs it first thing without saying a word. "I was just about to a spot it, Nurse Nancy! Uh, sorry about that! Next time I'll know where it is! haha *elbow nudge haha!!" (In my head: stupid Kristi, stupid. C'mon! get ahold of yourself you dumb A!)

3) It's also very fun to be a creepy little stalker to someone you just met. I especially love when they get up and you follow them, just to have them turn around and say "uh, I'm just going to the bathroom, you're alright."

I got home from work at 9 o'clock on Friday and with one look Josh knew I wasn't doing so good. He held me in his arms as I cried and moaned "Maybe let's just run away forever and never come back?"
I set my alarm for 3:50 A.M. which is neither morning nor night, instead it just exists and no one ever talks to it or tries to form a relationship with it because it's lame and useless and will just end up pissing you off. But instead of 5 hours of sleep, I got 3 1/2  hours of level 10/10 anxiety and Josh got an all night therapy session.

"It's ok Kris"
"It's ok Kris"
"I'm the stupidest girl in the class!"
"It's ok Kris"
"I'm Screwed!"
"It's ok Kris"

Until finally he coaxed me into sleep for 1 1/2 hours and I had a weird dream of him getting us a pet monkey that I was really pissed about.
When the alarm rang I got up in an absolute stupor and was out the door by 4:15. Have you ever seen how empty the roads are at 4:15? Of course you haven't because NO ONE IS UP. The partiers are smart enough to go to bed by then, and the people up for work don't even get up that eary. As I drove past Denny's however, the place was packed. Of course it was, only dummies go to Denny's and only dummies are up at 4:15 (IHOP is delicious).

As expected, I freaked out all day, and bit my nails a lot, and gave a little pep talk to my 8 day old patient who wouldn't stop screaming as I fed him and asked him nicely if he'd stop so the nurse wouldn't be mad at me when he came back.

The best part of the day? When I got home Josh was carrying a bag. I asked what's in the bag. Nothing baby. What's in the bag? Toothpaste and stuff. That's not toothpaste, that's Twizzlers. And orange juice, and Blowpops, and EVERY KIND OF CANDY I LOVE! YOU ARE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!

And I ate myself into blissful comatose Twizzler submission.